Because I dye my products by hand, I can produce a multitude of different colors and effects.

The "Starburst" effect I create by dyeing the lighter color first, then coming back a second time and highlighting with the darker color. This technique brings out the character of each individual piece of leather, making each piece a bit unique from any other.

Different leathers take dye differently. The oak tanned cowhide I use for the bodies of my bags tend to dye darker, while the kip (young cow) I use for the sides and trim on my bags tends to dye brighter.

Sunshine affects everything. With my products, you will find that colors do not fade so much as they get a bit of a sun tan. Lighter browns get something of a patina (Light Brown ages especially beautifully), while Blue and Purple will get darker with the sun. While Red is very color fast, Green will start out bright and turn olive in the sun over time and Orange will become more rusty looking.

I do my best to represent each color as accurately as possible. However, colors display on different screens slightly differently.