Custom Work Gallery

I do custom leather work and repairs on a regular basis. If you have a project you have been dreaming of, or like my work and simply want a different size or configuration, feel free to contact me or stop in the shop. I am always happy to help! Posted here are some of my more beautiful or interesting works, for your enjoyment.

Custom sheath for a pipe organ tuning knife

This is a custom sheath for a machete.

This sword scabbard is admittedly the coolest project I have ever done! I have to say, when this guy brought his sword into the shop, I was a bit excited. It is a genuine sword, absolutely amazing, and was desperately in need of a proper scabbard. I hand cobbled it together and dyed it red starburst. It is a most excellent way to carry this most excellent sword!

I made this custom Medium Tote for Cindy Irwin, who is a rug hooker here in Lancaster, PA. Her work is amazing, and she asked me to incorporate it into one of my bags. Well, here is the eye-catching result!

If you have a belt buckle that needs a new belt, I can help you out!

This is my Messenger Briefcase with a company logo stamped on the flap. This one also has a custom interior.

Sometimes you have that one thing you use every day that just can't be replaced. But I can remake it! A few improvements over the original and 65 rivets later, this tool pouch is ready to be abused every day for a lifetime.

I can re-cover books, as long as the spine is in good condition. The result is beautifully one-of-a-kind.

I designed this bag to be easily accessible in a customer's wheelchair.

This custom Messenger Briefcase was for a retiring fire fighter.

A customer brought in the hide of a Cape Buffalo that her husband harvested and wanted belts made with it, so here is the result! The character of a wild animal hide is absolutely fascinating and unique.

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