Yes, you are looking at a "Jesus Fish" (an ichthys). The symbols in the middle, reading right to left, are an "aleph" and a "tav" in paleo Hebrew.


The tattoos on my forearms are the conclusion of Psalm 55 written in Hebrew. It is the last two verses of the psalm (English and Hebrew numbering differ), which I translate as follows:

    Cast upon Yehovah your burden,

    And he himself will sustain you.

    He will not give for forever

    A carrying-pole to the righteous.

    But you yourself, Elohim,

    Will bring them down to a well pit.

    Men of bloods and deceit will not divide thier days,

    But I myself will trust in you!

David has been annointed king over Yisrael and is being hunted by the current reigning king. Yet, David refuses to take it upon himself to kill the current king and sieze power on his own. While that is an incredible burden, David knows that Yehovah plans to make him king and is always true to his word. Because of this, David has hope that his current suffering, the burden he now carries, will not last forever. Yehovah is always true to his word and will eventually set all things straight.

Never quit doing what is right.